Car Air Conditioner

Why does my car Air con need servicing ?

Just like anything else in your car - the air conditioning system needs regular servicing on all its parts. The compressor needs oil, or it will seize up, The filters can get clogged with dirt, bacteria and moisture and a blocked air-con filter will affect the performance of the entire system or even cause it to quit working entirely, and the rubber seals need to be checked for any leaks or deterioration.

Why do I need a Car Air conditioning Re-gas ?

The Refrigerant in a car’s air conditioning system is a special gas that, when compressed, becomes very cold. This is where the ‘cooling’ comes from. If your refrigerant has started leaking or is running low – your air conditioner just won’t get as cold as it used to and if it gets too low your air conditioner will cease working. Even new cars with no leaks in the system can lose 20% of the gas in the first two years. Refrigerant Gas needs to be replaced or recharged completely within four years from the manufacturing date and then again every two to three years to keep its maximum effectiveness.

Save money on petrol by regularly servicing your Air con.

Having an annual service on your car air con will help to prevent costly breakdowns – and a well serviced air-conditioner in your car will actually use less petrol – because when the compressor has to work harder due to the system working incorrectly this actually puts a bigger load on the engine and thus – you use more fuel.

Servicing on your air conditioning system will prevent malfunctions and save you money in the long run and it means you won’t suddenly find yourself stuck with a car full of hot air.

Dromana Roadworthy and service centre are qualified refrigerant handlers and can perform air conditioning repairs, services and re-gas on most makes and models.

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Is your car air con getting smelly ? It could be making you sick…

Ask about our MIST service. ….The intricate systems of your cars air conditioner are the perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria -These bacteria can cause odours and even make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. A mist service will kill any bacteria that may be lurking in your Car’s Air system using ultra sonic technology to ensure that your car’s air con system is clean and free of nasty bugs – making your car not just smell better but makes it healthier for you and your family.