Suspension & Shock Absorber Servicing

Your car’s safety and roadworthiness is dependent on the “safety triangle,” consisting of the vehicle’s ‘stopping, steering and stability’ capabilities.

The suspension and shock absorbers are not just there to give you a smooth ride, they are integral for the correct operation of these three critical capabilities, therefore keeping you, your passengers and other road users safe. Regular servicing and maintenance can help to prevent problems, but if you notice anything amiss, contact us ASAP to get it checked out.

We are located in Dromana and serve customers in the surrounding areas as well.

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When to Get a Service

An important part of keeping all aspects of your vehicle working properly is to stick to your regular Log Book servicing schedule. However, if you notice any of the following symptoms you should get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible;

Steering Wheel Vibration or pulsing

Nose diving and swerving – bonnet dips when braking or slowing down

Car veers in side winds

Car rocks and rolls over bumps and doesn’t hug bends when cornering

Uneven tyre wear

Makes a rattling noise

Clunking over bumps

Bouncing, dipping and diving

Our suspension and shock absorber services include inspection, diagnosis, repairs and replacements so we’ll have your car fixed and back on the road time. Don’t delay, book today.

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Some of your suspension & shock absorber's important parts include

Springs – Springs are designed to absorb energy and there are several different types including leaf, coil, torsion bar or air assisted springs. The springs on different types of cars will be set up to different levels. Luxury cars, for example, may have soft springs to produce a smoother ride but this results in more body movement when the car brakes and corners. Sports cars, on the other hand, tend to have tighter springs which allow for more aggressive driving, including around corners, but also mean a less smooth ride.

Shock absorbers - these dissipate the energy absorbed by the springs. The car would not work properly without the shock absorbers because the springs would cause it to bounce up and down when you go over a bump rather than absorb that bump.

Strut - this is a shock absorber mounted inside a coil spring. Struts do the job of the springs and shock absorbers plus provide additional structural support for the suspension system.

Anti-sway bar - spans the width of the axle and joins the two sides of the suspension together to provide stability to the car while it is moving.

For high quality Suspension & Shock Absorber Services at a competitive price, contact us using the links below. We are located at 26 Collins Rd and service many customers in Dromana and the surrounding areas.