Wheel Bearing Inspection & Replacement

There should never be a rumbling, groan or grinding sound coming from the wheels of your car, nor any vibration through the steering wheel (unless of course you are driving over corrugated roads!).

Wheel bearing issues usually come about due to poorly sealed bearings or lack of lubrication. Worn bearings are very dangerous as they can collapse and cause the wheel to detach from the car. They can also cause uneven wear on the tyres, loud noises and vibration in the car.

For emergency repairs or regular maintenance, visit us in Dromana.

Our Wheel Bearing Services include:

Repacking and adjustment of wheel bearings (where applicable)

Hub Assembly Repairs and Replacement

Bearing replacement

Wheel Bearing Failure: Symptoms and Causes

The wheels on your vehicle need to operate in a smooth manner, regardless of surfaces and speeds. When there is damage to the wheel bearings, the drive is no long smooth as friction will build up. This friction can then break down the wheel bearings and cause wear and tear on the axle.

Dromana Roadworthy and Service Centre can give you peace of mind by advising you what is causing the loud noise or vibration in your vehicle. It may be time to come in and see our mechanics if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Vibrations felt in the foot pedals

Vibration in the floor above the wheels

Pulling of the car to one side

Loud noise coming from the tyres

Possible causes of these symptoms:

Damaged or leaking seal on the wheel bearings

Issues with the hub assembly

Lack of grease on the wheel bearings

For wheel bearing replacements and routine maintenance in and around Dromana contact our team at Dromana Roadworthy and Service Centre