150 Point Check Conditions

Please be aware of the following conditions related to our 150 point comprehensive inspection.

1. Every care and precaution will be taken to ensure the accuracy of your report, however inspection and assessment is by visual and/or noise appreciation only and does not take into account defects or conditions that may only be discoverable by dismantling components.

2 Assessment of the camshaft drive belt is based only on evidence provided in the vehicle log book that replacements have been made at manufacturers specified intervals. Rubber components are prone to failure, and replacement of belt is recommended if no such evidence exists.

3. Any road test will be conducted within the traffic speed laws of the test area, for a period not exceeding 15 minutes. Dromana Roadworthy and Service Centre accepts no responsibility in respect of any defect or condition that did not or could not be reasonably expected to become apparent during test.

4. Inspection of safety restraints is made in accordance with accepted industry standards for assessing the condition of such systems. No warrants can be made as to the actual operation, nor the likelihood of failure. Dromana Roadworthy and Service Centre accept no responsibility for the failure of airbag(s) or any other safety restraints to operate correctly.

5. Electrical accessories such as CD players, tape decks and climate control, are inspected for power operation only, and specific functions may not be inspected. Instrumentation is checked for operation only, and this does not confirm accuracy.

6. Due to high variations in diagnostic time, compression tests and cylinder ratio or power balance checks are an optional extra, and must be specifically requested at the time of booking.

7. Dromana Roadworthy and Service Centre members will note any apparent evidence of oil leaks, but not the specific cause. If requested, further investigation can be carried out to determine the actual origin. Extra charges will apply. Engine additives may conceal oil leaks, and the member accepts no responsibility where this has occurred. Oil consumption is not measured in the inspection.

8. Assessments made in relation to the body work are based upon a cursory visual inspection. Actual body alignment cannot be measured, and concealed panel repairs or structural damage cannot be inspected.

9. Dromana Roadworthy and Service Centre accept no liability or responsibility for defects or conditions related to anything that may not be reasonably obvious during inspection and anything that occurs after the date of the report